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Brow Lamination


Welcome to our brow lamination service! 

If you're looking to add definition, volume and symmetry to your eyebrows, then brow lamination is the perfect solution for you. Our trained brow experts use gentle but efficient techniques to tame unruly and misbehaving brows, giving you the perfectly-shaped arches you deserve.

Our brow lamination service involves using a keratin-infused serum to brush hair upward and immediately thereafter straightening them with a brow brush. This allows the hair to sit in the desired position and stay that way for several weeks. Guests are guaranteed to leave with perfectly fluffy, groomed and exquisite eyebrows. 

One of the great things about this procedure is its non-invasiveness. It's not only simple and convenient, it's also a wonderful alternative to microblading, where you get a similar effect of fuller brows without committing to long-term results.

At our studio, we use only the highest-quality and safe products on the market to deliver you a safe, and effective service. Whether you're looking for a new bold look, or want to simply enhance your natural brows, our professional team will help you achieve the look you'll love. 

Give yourself the gift of beautifully arched brows with our brow lamination service today!

Please reach out if you have any questions about our services. 

3300 Monroe Ave Suite 117

Rochester, NY 14618 


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