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Makeup Lesson


Welcome to our makeup lesson service, where we offer personalized and professional tutorials to take your makeup skills to the next level. 

Are you tired of constantly struggling with blending eyeshadows or creating the perfect winged eyeliner? Do you want to learn how to enhance your natural features and confidently apply makeup for different occasions? Our team of experienced makeup artists is here to help you achieve your goals.

Our makeup lesson service begins with a consultation to determine your individual needs and preferences. From there, our experienced makeup artists will guide you step by step through the application process and teach you techniques that are tailored to your facial features and skin type. We also offer tips and tricks for maintaining your look throughout the day and night.

Our lessons can cover a range of topics including foundation application, contouring, highlighting, eyeshadow blending and color theory, tips for eyebrow shaping, and much more. Whether you're a complete beginner or simply looking to expand your knowledge, we have a lesson plan that will suit your needs.

A makeup lesson with us is also the perfect gift for friends, family or colleagues. So, don't wait any longer, book a tailored makeup lesson today and discover the transformations you can create with the right techniques and tools!

Please reach out if you have any questions about our services. 

3300 Monroe Ave Suite 117

Rochester, NY 14618 


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